Sonic Cross by Pseudo-WSB

Sandy Liqfaux tripped over a pile of tapes, one of many lying on the floor of her tiny room. The distance between walls was too small for her to fall. She thought about organizing her archive, but every time she tried to impose some order on her library it ended up in things getting more […]

tabela karto ziaren (1/3 of 666 words acrostic postneosituationist gabba beat poem by The Late Pseudo Guy Ginsberg)

Total specialization in is a necessity in a drawer. After work zensumerism discreetly charming the bourgeoisie while carefully mÆssaging its nerves damnaged by the strobe-like oscillation of media bicycles. Billion ways to cause dissatisfraction the premeal state of buying an sich. Everythming is forgotten and well forgotten well well well. Like it or not even […]