“The Third Arrival” by W. Y. Beats – Writing through “The Second Coming” by W. B. Yeats

The Third Arrival Swinging and swirling in the expanding widening vortex The hawk cannot ascertain the peddler; Items go to pieces; the core cannot carry; Mere chaos is released in the system, The ichor-obscured flow is discharged, and throughout The service of naiveté is suffocated; The soundest have no opinion, whereas the gravest Are filled […]

Footsie with Hegel

We’re not scientists, and we’re suspicious about our motives for calling ourselves a philosopher. There is, however, some thinking to do so let’s not focus on housekeeping. You can’t hear sound in space. Is a common knowledge among movies fans. That sentence is true because of you, not because of hear, sound or space. The information is […]