tabela karto ziaren (1/3 of 666 words acrostic postneosituationist gabba beat poem by The Late Pseudo Guy Ginsberg)

Total specialization in is a necessity in a drawer. After work zensumerism discreetly charming the bourgeoisie while carefully mÆssaging its nerves damnaged by the strobe-like oscillation of media bicycles. Billion ways to cause dissatisfraction the premeal state of buying an sich. Everythming is forgotten and well forgotten well well well. Like it or not even […]

Nyctimene of the Dark Lodge (formerly of Lesbos)

Motto: The repository of archetypes is an open-air slaughterhouse. To achieve the semblance of homeliness just put some flowers on the gravestone and get a couple of muzakians to sing for supper. You wouldn’t want to go to the shambles if not for the compulsion. Special needs like that are rarely born in daylight. The borders […]

Aquinativity in Space.

He loosened griff of exoskeleton and proceeded to release interputs: optograph, multi-channel cochlear harness, orientational proscriptive cartetoire, everything but the most necessary parts his Rüstung. It seemed to him that when he closed his eyes, he has seen the world go out. He put his favorite band from the mid 21st century on. Multiple pieces […]