“The Third Arrival” by W. Y. Beats – Writing through “The Second Coming” by W. B. Yeats

The Third Arrival Swinging and swirling in the expanding widening vortex The hawk cannot ascertain the peddler; Items go to pieces; the core cannot carry; Mere chaos is released in the system, The ichor-obscured flow is discharged, and throughout The service of naiveté is suffocated; The soundest have no opinion, whereas the gravest Are filled […]

Footsie with Hegel

We’re not scientists, and we’re suspicious about our motives for calling ourselves a philosopher. There is, however, some thinking to do so let’s not focus on housekeeping. You can’t hear sound in space. Is a common knowledge among movies fans. That sentence is true because of you, not because of hear, sound or space. The information is […]

Sonic Cross by Pseudo-WSB

Sandy Liqfaux tripped over a pile of tapes, one of many lying on the floor of her tiny room. The distance between walls was too small for her to fall. She thought about organizing her archive, but every time she tried to impose some order on her library it ended up in things getting more […]