Footsie with Hegel

We’re not scientists, and we’re suspicious about our motives for calling ourselves a philosopher. There is, however, some thinking to do so let’s not focus on housekeeping.

You can’t hear sound in space.

Is a common knowledge among movies fans. That sentence is true because of you, not because of hear, sound or space. The information is receivable when the receiver is suitable for the kind of signal considered. It’s about patience, attention, counting, and survival.

Hegel took one strong position and took the game of Risk over. We’ll get back to stranding. Pull out the contatori card each time to stay in the game. Like Doctor Faustroll Hegel consistently refuses to sign the note of eviction. But unlike Faustroll,  He can be exorcized. We don’t have to talk about Hegel. Each of the blows we dealt was final but we didn’t slay Him.  He is an undead horse. We’re nibbling on his bones for fun. We’re rendering Hegel what’s Hegelian.

We consider Hegel a host of the game, and we’re trying to make him uncomfortable. Forget about table manners. A game is being hosted in a haunted hostile, well-kept hospice. One comes with her food and shelter. And safety is everything but granted.

The final point of the Spirit’s Odyssey is not Absolute Knowledge. It’s a Spectacle, a game where a go-to strategy is denial of reality. Reality is not what does not go away when you stop believing it either. It’s what goes away as soon as a new media cycle begins leaving shambles for reducents to take care of.

The Spectacle is immune to scream and noise because it has been built upon gaze. That immunity is also selective deafness, that is why the Tyrants need whisperers.

The game does not demand belief. It demands blood and consistently good performance of following the finger. It doesn’t even matter much if you look where the finger is pointing or @ the knuckle.

The Soviet Russian TV shot (huh) a documentary on Stalin’s goodness. One of the shots showed a child approaching the Dear Father and asking him for a candy to which Gardener of Human Happiness replied: Get the fuck out motherfucker!. The film cut into a board with a sentence: Could have killed.

Expression of disbelief in a spectacle of the marketplace is considered ungrateful. Gratefulness is a default attitude towards a leash according to Code of Conduct.

Spectral analysis of signal allows to reduce it to a series of simple functions. Adjust the directionality and a range of senders and receivers to peek under the table. The Risk is not the only game played. Multidirectional footsie while trying to chase away the rats and other spiders can be played too if only one has enough coordination to keep her head in all games.

Can we use the footsie to change the situation on the table board? Play with tyrant’s desires or are we being played under the table as well?

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