Aquinativity in Space.

He loosened griff of exoskeleton and proceeded to release interputs: optograph, multi-channel cochlear harness, orientational proscriptive cartetoire, everything but the most necessary parts his Rüstung. It seemed to him that when he closed his eyes, he has seen the world go out.
He put his favorite band from the mid 21st century on. Multiple pieces of music simultaneously at speed allowing for listening to the whole catalog of Earth’s organ music at a mellow 23hz.
Something did not stimm. Interfacing through movements of facial muscles and pores excretions. Nothing. Linear linguistics, discretionary exchanges, and Sieg heil Maries. Nothing. Quick extrapolation, perfect pliloss vacuum.
Folds of exoskeleton were plagued. As chiss mind more and more chaotic gecomen, for a moment he realized he forgot aboyt his multi-modular werkzeug. As chis mind became more and more chaotic, he decided to try and start to remind himselbst of all his foldings and unfąldings. He was the 71st Aquinas. At th age of 633, he still had góódel. Knot hat anythina ever happened. Memory ransfer ino 24th just like the 2snd uploaded mmrs pn gvng p hs bd at th rf g f sx fft-sx. “sd ddrs dstnt slf in thrd prsn…..”. A##############,
Te Lucis ante términum… Keep vowels. Didn’t some proto-Plato contest their introduction? It is settled then, wounds and inefficiencies as principle generators. The reproductive cycle of philosophy. Verse, riff, formal-rhythmical unit. Illumination through montage at a fraction of price. How many creative acts does the universe allow for?

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