Proceedings of 2ndX3rd Meeting of the Associety For Peculiar Sciences

2ndX3rd meeting of Associety For Peculiar Sciences came up with nineteen texts in different genres provided under one pseudonym by an undisclosed number of members of the Associety. The list I present is inadequate proof of the existence. In peculiar order.

1. “Fusibility testing – implexing out of depth to evoke the ghost of a chance.”

2. “Abusive leveraging; the oldest tricks in seamstresses pocket.”

3. “Tilting and Grinding concepts-trouvès away – vreditel’stvo.

4. “Try to Play it again. Series of footnotes to Plato and endless melancholy.”

5. “Annulment of reason and affect – achievement of the status of the body at the terminal stage.”

6. “Society of investment. Hoarding an excess while getting accustomed to the hidden universal of life not being a necessity.”

7. “Prayer to lesser known gods. A cheap alternative? The light is leaving us all.”

8. “Etwas literalist but also undeniably practical. In pursuit of grand vivanta.”

9. “Talk to me not (about the taint in perception, about the hardships of life).”

10. “Trophes, trophies, trophs – suits of things.”

11. “Reflection is speculation is recursion.”

12. “Odium in Bible. On hatred or offense as unpopularity.”

13. “Adrenaline, premonitions and an infinite intellectual Eros.”

14. “Glowing flows, exposing distant constellations below archs.”

15. “Instant production, promotion, and distribution and eternal flame.”

16. “Tumbling up for the second and the third time missed or: on him not being risen and so what.”

17. “Expectant of haloes, like cows chewing cud.”

18. “Rugged, scabrous, salacious. The consequences of relative non-existence.”

19. “Òbit anus, abit onus (Bye bye black hole).”

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